Launch Corporal A.I.

When you start Corporal A.I. you can create a new spankee profile, check out the instrument library, change settings - and of course - start a new case to see the spankee sentenced!


Create individualized profiles for each spankee.

Corporal A.I. has logic for:

Basics: Age & Gender
Instruments: 19 Spanking Instruments + The Hand
Body Areas: Buttocks, Thighs, Palms, Feet, Back & Anus
States of Dress: Clothed, Underwear, Bare and Naked
Cornertime: Numerous Types


When it's time to punish a spankee - tell Corporal A.I. what offense was committed and the severity.

You can also add in extra factors as needed:

For example "dishonesty" and "school related" for cheating on a test or "immorality" and "sexual deviance" for looking at pornography.


Corporal A.I. will then sentence the errant delinquent to corporal punishment!

Sentences issued are based on the spankee's profile, the offense committed and specific factors regarding the offense.